Lifestyle Floors Pebble Beach

 12 year wear – 2 Ply Twist

Super £9.99 – Elite £11.99 (Sq mt)

Lifestyle floors Canterbury

15 Year wear warranty, Heathered and Plain Twist in 16 colours

£12.99 (Sq mt)

Capper Sharrock Neroli

Super soft stain safe saxony

Comfort backing

Modern colour range

£17 (Sq mt)

Condor Carpets Wool Blend Berber

7  Year wear warranty, Loop berber pile carpet, 30% wool – 70% syn – 6 colours – suitable for underfloor heating

£10.25 (Sq mt)

Intenza Carpets – Barello – Plains and Heathers

Treated soft touch yarn saxony pile, 15 Year wear warranty, 4 and 5 metre width

£13.50 (Sq mt)

Lifestyle Floors – Jupiter

12 Year wear warranty – 100% life tech fibres – 4 and 5 metre width – 3 weights avaliable

Super: £9.99

Elite: £11.99

Exclusive: £14.99  (Sq mt)

Capper Sharrock – Iconic 

Stain resistant twist pile -Felt and Hessian backing – 4 and 5m width

£8.50 (Sq mt)


Stainfree Twistpile, Felt and Hessian Backing, 10 Colours

£7.75 (Sq mt)

Capper Sharrock Tranquilty


£15.99 (Sq Mt)


10 Year Wear/Stain twist pile Saxony, 9 colours

£8.50 (Sq Mt)

Capper Sharrock Spellbound

Glitter Carpet ,Saxony Pile 4M width

£11..50 Sq Mt


Luxury Deep pile Saxony, Hessian backing, 6 colours

£10.00 (sq mt)

new majorca

Deep pile Saxony carpet 4m width 

£12.50 (Sq mt)

new liberty twist pile

7 Year wear warranty Twist  – Bleach cleanable

£6.50 (Sq mt)


Polyproplene twist pile, 5 Year wear warranty

£6.50 (Sq mt)

Dublin heathers 

Polyproplene twist pile , 7 Year wear warranty 

£7.50 (Sq mt)


5 Year stain/wear, 10 colours, twist pile 

£6.00 (Sq mt)


5 Year stain/wear, 7 colours, Loop pile, Felt backing

£6.00 (Sq mt)


10 Year stain/wear Saxony pile, 11 colours, 2 ply yarn

£9.99 (Sq mt)

Mayfield Carpets Quartz 

Real wool carpets , Available in 3 different weights 30z – 40z – 50z

30z- £13.99



(sq mt)

Mayfield Carpets Prism

Real wool carpet, available in two weights of 40z 50z,  4 and 5m width 

40z: £15.99    

50z: £17.99 (Sq mt)

Eternal twist

10 Year wear/stain, felt or hessian backing, 4m width, saxony pile carpet

£9.99 (Sq mt)


5 Year wear/stain, budget loop pile, ideal for rentals, 4 and 5m width, felt or action backing

£6.00 (Sq mt)


5 Year wear/stain, loop pile budget carpet 

£6.00 (Sq mt)

Lifestyle Conquest saxony

7 Year wear/stain,Twist pile saxony, Bleach cleanable

£9.99 (Sq mt)

Oakmont super and elite

10 Year wear/stain,  4 and 5m width, Bleach cleanable, Deep pile saxony

super £14.99

 Elite £16.99 (Sq mt)

Lifestyle Malvern Twist

7 Year wear/stain, Bleach cleanable, Twist pile carpet, Plains and stripes

£10.99 (Sq mt)

Lifestyle floors Amore

Treated twist ply, Variety of plain colours, Luxury saxony soft touch pile

£11.99 (Sq mt)

Lifestyle floors Pallazzo super&elite

2 Variable weights in this twist pile 2 ply yarn carpet, Treated and bleach cleanable

super £12.99    elite£14.99  (Sq mt)

Lifestyle Floors Caress Elite Super Exclusive

Super soft touch, 10 year wear / 15 Year stain free Saxony

elite £12.99

super £15.99

exclusive 18.99

(Sq mt)

Capper Sharrock – Serene

Bleach cleanable soft touch saxony carpet selection, 10 year wear / 15 Year stain free Saxony action backing 

£17.99 (Sq mt)

Capper Sharrock – Serenity

Treated soft touch saxony pile carpet, Variety of colours and shades.

£17.99 (Sq mt)

Trouble Free saxony heathered

Bleach cleanable and treated twist pile heathered saxony carpet

£13.50 (Sq mt)


10 year wear warranty, hessian backing, extra soft touch treated yarn, availible in 4 and 5 metre, two avalible weights 

Loving Touch £15.99      Soft Caress £16.99 (Sq mt)

Secret Affair from the love story collection

10 Year wear warranty, Stainfree, treated soft touch yarn thick Saxony pile 

£14.99 (Sq mt)

Capper Sharrock glitter saxony 

Stainfree saxony pile carpet, Glitter effect with plain colours, Felt backing 

£11.55 (Sq mt)

Triumph Saxony

5 year wear warrinty, Thick saxony pile, Hessian and felt backing 

£11.50 (Sq mt)


5 Year wear/stain, loop pile budget carpets, Available in hessian or felt backing

£6.00 (Sq mt)

Trouble Free Saxony

3 Different weights of carpet range, Treated man made fibers, Bleach cleanable, Plain and heathered

Supreme- £11.25

Sovereign- £13.25

Ultimate- £15.50

(Sq mt)

City twist Classic and Supreme

2 Weights available in this carpet range, plain and stripes, Quality twist by Lifestyle Floors



(Sq mt)

Intenza Excellence Supreme&Deluxe

Luxury soft touch carpet range, 2 Weights avaliable, Best selling, Hessian backing

Supreme £13.50

Deluxe £15.50

(Sq mt)

Intenza Dreamfields

10 Year wear/stain warranty, Extra soft touch pile, High end carpet

£12.99 (Sq mt)

Puerto Rico

Deep pile Saxony, 10 Years wear/stain warranty, Hessian backing


(sq mt)

Revolution Heathers

7 Year wear and stain warranty, 2 Toned heathered, Variety of choice, Hessian backing

£9.25 (sq mt)

Capper Sharrock ILLICT

10 Year wear/stain warranty, Deep pile luxury saxony carpet



Tight twist pile carpet, Hessian backing, Variety of colours, Plain pile


New Kingston

Delta’s affordable luxury saxony, Hessian backing, Range of colours