Vinyl flooring has come a long way in recent years with many styles and patterns now available. It is warm underfoot, easily cleaned and totally waterproof meaning it is suitable for any room in the house.

Some of the many patterns available are:

•  Authentic wood planks

•  Slate and granite tiles

•  Abstract designs

•  Modern metals

We supply top brands such as:





Amongst others are available at great prices.

 Hardboard, ply wood or self-levelling screeds can be laid to uneven floors to achieve a quality flat finish.

Comfort – If you’re considering a wooden or tiled flooring but are worried about the temperature drawbacks of those materials, vinyl can accurately recreate that look whilst maintaining comfort and warmth! Soft under foot and the nature of its make up means it insulates effectively.

Durability – Fully resistant to the family life style, whether there’s kids, pets or just a general high usage, vinyl is known for being defiantly resilient, offering many years of excellent quality flooring that you won’t have to worry about

Easy Maintenance – Not only is vinyl especially quick and easy to get installed and ready to go in your home, it’s also easy to clean and simple to maintain. With no worries of dirt and mould being caught in carpet fibres and a strong resistance to stains, vinyl could be the trouble-free flooring option your family home needs!

A Selection from Our Range

5,7, and 10 Year wear warranty. Vinyl flooring from £6.50 (Sq mt)  – Various designs. Trouble free range – 10 Year wear/stain warranty. £9.00 (Sq mt) – Over 30 designs.

TRUGRIP 692 Cambridge From £9.00 (Sq mt)

TRUGRIP 6035 Grey Offset From £9.00(Sq mt)

TRUGRIP 090S Silverfox Wood From £9.00 (Sq mt)

TRUGRIP large grey slate From £9.00 (Sq mt)

HOME ESSENTIALS Slim Blanc From £9.50 (Sq mt)

HOME ESSENTIAL Slim Argent From £9.50 (Sq mt)

HOME ESSENTIALS Honeycomb Tile Grey From £69.50 (Sq mt)

HOME ESSENTIALS Polished Concrete From £9.50 (Sq mt)

HOME ESSENTIAL polished concrete light grey From £9.50 (Sq mt)

Metal mesh vinyl From £7.00 (Sq mt)

HOME ESSENTIAL Ibiza white silver From £9.50 (Sq mt)

HOME ESSENTIALS Swan Dark Oak From £9.50 (Sq mt)

HOME ESSENTIALS Oak Grey Beige From £9.50 (Sq mt)

HOME ESSENTIALS Arcadia Natural From £9.50 (Sq mt)

HOME ESSENTIALS Old Meleeze Dark Grey From £9.50 (Sq mt)

HARLEM vinyl Metallic Grey From £12.99 (Sq mt)

HARLEM vinyl Limestone From £12.99 (Sq mt)

HARLEM vinyl Marble From £12.99 (Sq mt)

HARLEM vinyl Concrete From £12.99  (Sq mt)

HARLEM vinyl Slate From £12.99 (Sq mt)

HARLEM vinyl White Oak From £12.99 (Sq mt)

HARLEM vinyl Modern Oak From £12.99 (Sq mt)

HARLEM vinyl Vintage oak From £12.99 (Sq mt)

HARLEM vinyl Grey Oak From £12.99 (Sq mt)

Harlem Vinyl Smoked Oak From £12.99 (Sq mt)

HARLEM vinyl Storm Oak From £12.99 (Sq mt)

HARLEM vinyl Natural Oak From £12.99 (Sq mt)

HARLEM vinyl Deep Oak From £12.99 (Sq mt)

HARLEM vinyl Impression Oak From £12.99 (Sq mt)

Ultra Grip
2 / 3 / 4 m
£12.50 (Sq mt)

Ultra Grip
2 / 3 / 4 m
£12.50 (Sq mt)

2 / 3 / 4 m
£12.50 (Sq mt)

Bubblegum + Liquorice
2 / 3 / 4 m
£13.50 (Sq mt)

Bubblegum + Liquorice
2 / 3 / 4 m
£13.50 (Sq mt)

Bubblegum + Liquorice
2 / 3 / 4 m
£13.50 (Sq mt)