Our underlay range 8mm 10mm 12mm Carpet cushion quality product made in the UK. Underlay is an important factor of your fitted carpet, it is in effect the foundation for your flooring. We only use high quality products, beware of cheap low quality Chinese imports from eBay!

1. Purchase the best underlay you can:

–  Underlay can prolong the life of your carpet by up to 40%

–  Will improve the feel of the carpet

–  Provide sound proofing and additional thermal insulation.

If your underlay is of poor quality or worn it may result in your carpet not complying with British Standards and may affect your warranty.

2.  Get your floor fitted professionally this is essential for all types of floors including carpet, vinyl and natural flooring. This will:

–  Minimise the risk of a problem AND

–  Ensure the manufacturer’s warranty is not invalidated.

3.  Remember the only price that matters is the final price you pay.

Do not be seduced by clever marketing gimmicks such as –

–  Heavy discounts of previously inflated prices

–  Free fitting which is funded by hiding the cost within other items which have been inflated to absorb these costs.

–  Free underlay or gripper is also another clever marketing idea but essentially the costs are being placed elsewhere.

–  Flooring manufacturers seldom publish RRP’s therefore retailers can make their own prices up which they then reduce to show a new price which is often still more than our standard price.

Here at carpetsrochdale.co.uk we believe in clear and honest trading, all our pricing is clear and visible. The price you see is the price you pay with no hidden extras or misleading  sales.

Underlay Range

Carpenters Midas 12mm Underlay

£4.50 Sq Mt

Quality Made in the UK Recycled Polyfoam Underlay 12 mm Thickness, Excellent sound and thermal qualities in this luxury underlay. Also available in 10 mm – £3.50 Sq Mt